DVP Capital is an independent mid-market investment bank and financial advisory firm focused on helping companies identify, negotiate and complete acquisitions, engage strategic interest, manage ownership transitions and secure private capital.

Services include corporate development, strategic sale advisory, MBO advisory and non-bank financing.

Corporate Development

DVP Capital provides the following corporate development/acquisition advisory services:

  • Target criteria development
  • Target identification and engagement
  • Preliminary due diligence and value assessment
  • Preparation and negotiation of an indication of interest
  • Synergy assessment and financial integration and forecast modeling
  • Further due diligence and negotiation of a letter of intent
  • Assistance in final diligence, negotiations, drafting of the definitive purchase agreement, and completion of the transaction

Strategic Sale

Strategic sale services include:

  • Assessment and feedback on valuation, sale readiness and company-specific and market timing considerations
  • Review of relevant financial, market and industry information
  • Advice on structural, marketing and pricing strategies
  • Identification of qualified prospective purchasers
  • Preparation of appropriate marketing documents, including a Confidential Information Memorandum (“CIM”), designed to allow prospective purchasers to evaluate the opportunity
  • Presenting the CIM to those parties that have signed a Confidentiality Agreement and maintaining contact with prospective purchasers to encourage multiple qualified buyer interest
  • Discussing the merits and issues regarding expressions of interest and assistance in evaluating offers
  • Preparation of a secure virtual data room to enable prospective purchasers to complete their due diligence
  • Managing the due diligence process, comprised of data room visits, meetings between management and prospective purchasers, and response to due diligence inquiries from prospective purchasers and/or their financing sources
  • Negotiations with qualified prospective purchasers to formalize and execute a letter of intent; and
  • Support legal advisors regarding the negotiation and documentation of a definitive purchase and sale agreement.

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Management Buyout

DVP Capital provides comprehensive support through all stages of the management buyout process including:

  • Determining fair market value
  • Advising on availability and suitability of debt and equity capital
  • Identifying funding partners
  • Financial integration and forecast modeling, and
  • Due diligence

For more on MBOs see DVP Capital’s private company mergers & acquisitions blog here.

Private Capital

DVP Capital can manage the process of raising equity capital as well as less dilutive and non dilutive forms of long-term capital. DVP has global relationships with:

  • Venture Capital (VC)
  • Private Equity (PE)
  • Royalty and recurring revenue financing companies, and
  • Private debt

For more on private capital see DVP Capital’s private company mergers & acquisitions blog here.